Roby Line Sas

Roby Line was founded in 1994 and right from the start has been operating in the field of fine leather goods and fashion accessories cutting, gaining a remarkable experience in the manufacturing sector and collaborations with prestigious companies.
The leather manufacturing is firmly established through constant research of accuracy applied in all the operational stages of our hand-crafting, from the quality control of the raw materials, to the manufacture, packing and shipping of the finished product.

Our Strengths

The company has over two decades of experience, during which it has acquired great competences and manual skills that are required by the leading fashion houses. With the help of specialised personnel, Roby Line has long been a reference point for many companies operating not only in the province of Vicenza, so much to qualify as artistic handcrafts.

Business Growth

Lately, the excellent relationship with demanding customers and the professionalism acquired in the sector have pushed Roby Line towards the field of the leather goods complete production.
This is how the idea first came about for the manufacturing of specific accessories that, besides the bags, complete the range of our products with key-rings, purses, leather bracelets and more.
The leather and the accessories, often made of precious metal, are assembled following processes with an old-fashioned aesthetic which is an expression of great manual skills.


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