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We are in a position to carry out the complete development of an article, starting from its design, an activity which is performed by the modelling department, the CAD engineering and the realization of the prototype and final sample.
In many cases the work is exclusively manual, as the orders for a limited number of specific items in fine materials do not allow their industrialisation. The personnel employed in these particular type of manufacturing processes are highly specialised and trained during courses held by the purchasing companies and promoted by our management.

At this intermediate stage, a bonded leather prototype which allows the customer to view the bag in its true dimensions and to require style changes is made. Thanks to innovative instruments as the automated cutting machine, this step gets very fast and the prototype can be redefined and CAD revised together with the customer, in order to be approved before the realization of the first leather sample.

After the final sample, the leather, lining and filler phase follows through the automated cutting and/or with the use of column shearing machines.

Once the real production is reached, ROBY LINE is proud to introduce a department capable of ensuring extremely high qualitative standards, which allow it to collaborate permanently with the most prestigious fashion houses.